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Stay Safe, Protect Yourself and Our Community

STAY SAFE, PROTECT YOURSELF AND OUR COMMUNITY As the COVID-19 situation develops around the world and in Myanmar, we would like to remind all our guests to stay safe and continue practicing measures to ensure their health is taken care of. There are also steps we can take to minimize our exposure to the virus […]

Myanmar should be at the top of your 2020 travel destinations list. Here’s why.

MYANMAR SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF YOUR 2020 TRAVEL DESTINATIONS LIST. HERE’S WHY. Myanmar is one of Southeast Asia’s most captivating and beautiful regions. It was once a destination that was difficult to get to due to sanctions, visa restrictions, and political instability. However, it was only in recent years that the country opened […]

Get to Know: Chinellato Giampaolo, Culinary Director at Awei Pila

GET TO KNOW: CHINELLATO GIAMPAOLO, CULINARY DIRECTOR AT AWEI PILA The man behind the exquisite dishes at Awei Pila, Chinellato Giampaolo, Culinary Director, is no stranger in the culinary scene. Since the start of his career in 1989, Chef Giampaolo has had a colourful working experience in some of the best restaurants in the world. […]

Corporate Social Values and Sustainability Actions

Corporate Social Values and Sustainability Actions At Memories Group, our teams work hard to adhere to the highest standards of operations. For the year 2019, our Corporate Social Value and Sustainability Actions included thorough processes to achieve ethical standards. We also worked towards sustainable and greener practices as well as provided transparency within all properties […]

Burma Boating Cabin Charter Cruises

Burma Boating Cabin Charter Cruises From sailing to the Northern Mergui Archipelago islands to adventurous expeditions to the south, experience it with Burma Boating, which runs charter sailing cruises from Kawthaung every Saturday between October to May. The Mergui Archipelago is a pristine area rarely visited by travellers, allowing one to explore waters that are […]

Awei Pila Resort Hosts Conservation Initiative: ‘Ghost Net Retrieval’

AWEI PILA RESORT HOSTS CONSERVATION INITIATIVE: ‘GHOST NET RETRIEVAL’ At luxury private island experience Awei Pila, located in the Mergui Archipelago, sustainability is the core philosophy. The resort’s environmentally-friendly practices aim to maintain the balance of the island’s ecosystem while providing guests with unparalleled comfort and luxury amidst lush nature. Earlier this year, the resort […]

New PADI Dive Centre at Awei Pila

NEW PADI DIVE CENTRE AT AWEI PILA Discover a unique underwater world at the Mergui Archipelago, one of Asia’s last scuba diving frontiers featuring rich marine life, pristine waters and amazing island escapes. The waters here were closed off until 1997, leaving them relatively unexplored and untouched. Whether you are a certified diver or looking […]