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Another day in paradise

Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago has been open to visitors for quite a while. However, with strict tourism control most of the islands are still in pristine condition. Merely a few have accommodation for tourists, and on each of those islands, there is only one operator that won the concession to run the service.

Could This Remote Paradise Be the Next Maldives?

For all of our evangelizing over pristine paradises and unspoiled beaches, we rarely, if ever, find ourselves in a position of real discovery. Mergui, however, might finally be the place to change that.

Awei Pila Opens Scuba Diving Center In Myanmar

The recently opened island resort Awei Pila, located in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, has debuted its own scuba program. The Awei Pila Dive Center will provide scuba certification courses, as well as dive excursions to any of 12 different dive sites found near the resort.