Myanmar should be at the top of your 2020 travel destinations list. Here’s why.

Myanmar is one of Southeast Asia’s most captivating and beautiful regions. It was once a destination that was difficult to get to due to sanctions, visa restrictions, and political instability. However, it was only in recent years that the country opened itself to the world, inviting travellers from all over to explore this new Myanmar. […]

Get to Know: Chinellato Giampaolo, Culinary Director at Awei Pila

The man behind the exquisite dishes at Awei Pila, Chinellato Giampaolo, Culinary Director, is no stranger in the culinary scene. Since the start of his career in 1989, Chef Giampaolo has had a colourful working experience in some of the best restaurants in the world. His foundation began at Hotel Management School IPSSAR Maffioli in […]